Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Great week in the books.

Hey everyone hows it goin? Im doing pretty good this week was real interesting. I had some good experiences :) there was one day that me and my companion started our day and ALL of our appointments cancelled until 7 o clock at night and to knock doors for 4 or 5 hours is pretty rough so i sat down on a bench and i thought well... what will i do now? and so i said a prayer and in this prayer i explained my plans and where i would go to try and knock doors and asked for help. and so i got up on my feet and headed to fulfill my plans and we knocked some doors and met a young guy his name is Thiago we had a good lesson and then we moved on and up til 7 o clock we were able to teach. It felt really good to know the lord helped me :) and yesterday in fast and testimony meeting Thiago bore his testimony haha his first time visiting the church and he wanted to bear his testimony ha ha I thought it would go bad but really it couldnt have been better we marked him for this week and Im really Excited! Some other crazy news... Im a District leader now! I was surprised when they told me haha but it just means some more peoplr to serve haha Im growing so much here nd im really happy Im finally having the mission that i always wanted where im helping people and haveing really good experiences! my Testimony is turning into the rock solid foundation i always wanted it to be I feel good and confident in myself I think Ive only got two big faults. I like cars alot and I dont write very good letters ha ha Natalia also bore her testimony I was so proud I think I would have cried but Its just not physically possible for me to cry ha ha well Im gonna go visit some sites with natalia Ill be sure to take lots of pics to send this next week LOVE YOU ALL!!! TCHAU

Ty cutting his Companions hair. Learning to trust. haha

The results for Elder Macedo. Not to bad

Ty says it got cold (68) so he put on his sweatshirt.

Ty's gorilla tape runs out. Sad day for Elder Smith :^)

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