Monday, March 25, 2013

The King of Madalena! :>)

HEY EVERYBODY! This weeks been pretty good I've been pretty tired this whole week. I decided i'd try and sleep in a bed to see how it was and those were the worst two nights of sleep ive had on my mission. ha ha I think it's a combination of i'm used to sleeping in the hammock and that the beds from 20 years ago aren't very comfortable ha ha. This week has been good I have really grown comfortable in the mission and Im starting to be able to concentrate more on my investigators. This week was pretty good Thiago recieved the holy ghost and stuff and we're starting to teach his neighbors.  This week has been really tiring but it wasnt bad. ha ha Im glad you liked the video of me singing and stuff. i still need to better my portuegues ha ha Natalia didn't Understand anything that i sang ha ha. but ya i translated a part of Papas song ha ha. I'm really happy at this point in my mission i'm finally starting to be efficiente in my work and stuff. It's kinda strange.  i think that every single week, day, transfer, passes faster than the others before it. Ha ha just to give you guys an Idea of all the time i've been here i took a picture a while back from our window and i took one today ha ha. Im happy with my area and the things i'm learning and with my companion. Dang My time is almost up and my letter isn't long or very specific. but hey Im happy here Im trying to do my best and I'm becoming a better and stronger person. Physically to... im doing P90x ha ha hey i can now send letters to friends so get lances and chris's emails for me love you guys Tchau!         Elder J. Smith The King of Madalena 

Elder Ty draining the water out. Like that smile!

This was the view out Ty's window when he arrived back in June, 2012
This is the view out the same window now. And he is thinking at least  one more transfer before he will go anywhere?

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