Monday, March 18, 2013

The journey continues...

Hey everybody! This week was pretty good we met some New people Just an Update on Thiago. Hes getting ready to recieve the Preisthood and he's really gaining a testimony he's been giving us references and going with us on some visits. haha hes a really good person and he's studying good if he keeps working the way he his he will gain a strong testimony. haha the other day he turned down a soda because he was fasting :) Im so proud of him. Its so good to hear that Lance is going on a mission! Its gonna be something that will bless his life a ton!!!! he will have hard times but he will grow so much in these years! This week we've been running around and trying to help our investigators grow and ive been pretty tired this week. but im very happy with the changes im seeing happen in my area, district, zone and Mission. Im seeing alot of progress its a really good time to be on the mission right now very cool. Im glad to see Natalia growing in the church and making friends. Thiago brought a friend to church and Natalia helped her :) Natalia Now has that glow and that tranquility that members have its really cool :) Im thankful For my oppurtunity that i'm having to be here on a mission ha ha Im growing so much and my testimony isn't made of wood anymore. Its built of concrete and rebar! Its funny to look into my companions Eyes And see that he doesnt feel the same way i do yet in the way that he speaks it shows that he hasnt arrived at where im at yet. well ive got to go Love You all and Have a good week :)
Elder J. Smith

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