Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey Everybody! It was good to talk to  everyone on sunday ha ha It seemed like a dream to me ha ha  but it was  really nice to talk to  you all  I have some pics to send but my companions using my card to put the video we made on you tube ha ha so it might  take  a while  My  companion is a great  guy  and  a good friend but Id like  to work a little more than we  are  working and when I left my Area I lost my rythm haha but This week Ill try and get  it back. But overall this week was good. Sunday was pretty rough at church there were only 25 people It was mothers day and also the soccer finals and our  church is from 3 to 6 in the afternoon so the people who visited there mothers used the afternoon to visit them and the soccer game was at 4 so anybody who would watch  the game wouldnt go ha  ha so it was  pretty empty at  Church. It was good to talk to  Aj and joke around with you guys ha  ha  tell Kobe to put  some muscle on his arms so his  sleeves dont fall off ha ha. Im Excited for this Area I think we have a lot of room to work here I hope I can Help :)   Love you, Elder Smith

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