Monday, May 20, 2013

5-20-2013 Casa Forte

Hey Hey hey another week has past away hahaha Hey everyone. This week was good we had a baptism The woman that was baptized had smoked for 30 years and she managed to stop (with alot of encouragement on our part) and was baptized on saturday :) she was really happy to be baptized and it was really neat. This week Was pretty good haha Ive been havin a lot of "Ive been here before" moments usually its about something strange but has been happenin quite a bit so im just guessin that im where i should be. Yesterday in church i noticed that our ward has about 50 who frequent the church and Im seeing that i can really help this ward I just need to pray alot so that I can know what to do to help. In my new area there are a lot of hills and stairways haha it makes me pretty tired haha but im happy cuz ill get stronger and maybe lose a little weight. Ha ha These days I was missing my area as i now call my first area haha But I am still happy because I have space to grow here :) This week went by fast haha But thats a good thing sorry I dont have much stories but I got a lot of pics to send haha so ill get to that. Tchau!!

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