Monday, June 3, 2013

New Companion, Same Area. 6/3/13

Hey Everybody Whats Up Ive got some Strange news... Elder Dias was transferred! And I got a new companion His Name is Elder Rios. Hes from Florinapolis Hes pretty cool heres a Pic from him. This Week we had a Mission Tour and We got to hear from Elder Leal. It was really cool and I enjoyed his talk alot. In his comments he told Us to Thank you guys for raising us and sending us on missions So Im thanking you guys for Him. And for me Ill send you guys a Bigger thank you for all youve done and are doing Heres a pic I took before we left for the Tour which by tour I mean conference. I just have to take a pic when I use a suit cuz I never use a suit hahaha I think I used a suit more often at home than on a mission haha. This week weve ran into a new problem with the transfer of Elder Dias Ive been working hard to meet new people and that means.... knocking doors...  I didnt teach very many people with Elder Dias and so now IM running around trying to get people to teach.... and its rough and a little discouraging but Ill live I know the Lord is seeing my efforts and will help me In my quest. Im happy to be were Im at and my new companion is pretty good and cool he helps me out alot in the work were doing. My companion has had a good mission so far I saw his Photos and has like 20 baptisms.. And I found out that he past 11months of his mission in the rural parts of the mission and says that all the people he baptized were references.... Ha ha I sure want to go to the city where he was at of my 13 baptisms maybe 5 are references haha but ya Im doing good here in the Area and I dont have anything to complain about being here on the mission Love you guys alot and thanks for all you do have a good week and Ill talk to you next week 

!/2 of Tyson's Mission. Can you Find Him?
Meet Elder Rios, Tyson's New Companion. They are showing off their Suit Coats that they hardly ever wear.

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