Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey Family Looks like you guys have had a good summer week Looks like a lot of fun ha ha with all the long boards and motorcycles make sure and be safe haha I want you guys all in one peace when I get home haha This week we were able to meet some new people and we now have two people to Baptize! The lord has heard my prayers and weve found some people to teach! Im glad that I have a testimony of the Church cuz I think without it I would go crazy here in Brazil haha but Its real good to be here with The Lords Help. I enjoyed the Class sunday about Seeking not to do my own will but to do the Lords Im thinking I need that lesson Im gonna try and read more during the week This week my thoughts had been turned back to home i was getting tired of walking and I was really missing cars and motorcycles and everything haha but Im gonna Live I just hope I can look forward and keep my hands on the plow. My Plows hitting some rocks and my horse is pulling slow but I know i need to focus haha I really like the example of the Plow makes me relax a bit and Think that because my plow isnt going very fast that its all my fault. Sure I need to do my part but I cant make the plow go very much faster if I try to push it haha but ya this week was pretty good Ive been going right along and Im trying to lift this area up but ya thats about all I had to say haha Its crazy to think that after this month there will only be ten months until I get home... Its a sign that I need to work harder cuz my Time is running out but ya Love you guys Ill just pust my name on my letter to close it haha :) Tchau Elder J. Smith

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