Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey Hey Hey. Im Pretty tired today. Tired tired tired. This week was rough lots of contacts and a little bit of lessons. I start to get frustrated with myself because the Zone Leaders are calling me and telling me what I need when I already know Im in a hole and Im just trying to get out The part that hurts the most its that im kicking myself because im not getting anything done and my zone leaders are kicking me too... I dont think they know theyre kicking me so i dont hold a grudge but still hurts but I need to just stick it out pick my head up and just try and get through it. It sure seems Like the Lord doesnt want to give me a rest haha I guess I got something big Ahead cuz the Lord wants me to grow. I liked the Training broadcast that they sent to us It was really good and Inspiring Looks like the Email still aint working to good So i hope you get this Email. I would have loved to talk with you guys but hey thats okay. Thats good to hear about Kobe haha I love my blessing but I wish that I could comprehend it haha i dont really have anything to write in my letter sorry that its a little gray But I know the church Is true I know that Im Here for a reason I know that Ill get through this so Dont you guys worry about me here :) Ill get out of my hole here.. I Love you guys alot :) thanks for the Love, Support, Prayers, And letters have a good week and hopefully next monday we can talk. Love you, Tchau
Elder Tyson Smith
Tysons District in Casa Forte

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