Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey everybody! This week was good we talked with lots of people and had some good experiences saturday we were knocking doors before lunch cuz our appointment fell through and I saw a lady pulling weeds in front of her house and I felt I should talk to her but I also dont like to talk to people who are working haha but we talked to her and we marked an appointment to talk to her family on sunday night and Sunday we taught them and They are very good people :) And afterwards Elder M. Ribeiro said That on saturday he felt like we should talk with that lady. so I was happy to see how the lord is guiding us to the people he is preparing :) so ya Im really happy with the progress we made this week, but it wont stop this week were getting into a good groove and working hard so Im really happy we also have started working more with the Members and weve got an activity for halloween its gonna be called Tricks or Treats haha I think it will be fun haha I just hope it works out well :). Other than this not much new we did get a new ZL hes not as cool as the other that left the one that left Was a great guy and he likes cars too :) the new one Is kinda annoying and Guess what!! were gonna have splits with him this week and guess who stays in the area with the new ZL? Thats me... haha I wasnt too happy bout that looks like he wants to try and mark the baptisms of a boy whos parents wont let him be baptized and a couple of girls that we stopped teaching cuz they dont go to church and when we teach one of them just plays with her phone. so ya Patience!!! I know I should get upset about something little like this I just hope it turns out to be good. Last Pday after lunch we went and flew kites haha it was fun here when you let out all the string you give your kite a name and I named mine blue cuz its red haha I think were gonna go fly our kites again today well I think thats a good enough letter thanks for everthing for the package and the support and the prays have a great week!! 
Elder J. Smith

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