Monday, October 21, 2013


Well another transfer has come and gone and the mission is just goin by too fast its hard to think Ive only got 4 more transfers and its over... but Me and Ribeiro were real excited when we learned we would stay. and this transfer were gonna make some goals so that we can get better. This week I had a real neat experience one day I was continuing my book of mormon reading and I got to a passage that touched my soul and I felt like the lord was talking to me the part I read was in Mosiah 7:18 wich was something that I needed to hear you can read it later but the way it touched me was like it was written for me other than that my week was pretty rushed but had little progress but This week were gonna start looking for lots of new people to hear our message! Pont dos Carvalhos is big so maybe well widen our search area  haha other than that All i can say is that times moving Too fast its almost november and almost my birthday and christmas is coming up! That will be my last call home and after that it will be a blink of an Eye! so ya Im gonna try and change gears and get more done. Im thankful for my chance to be hear and for all your support I love you all and I hope that this winter doesnt get too cold for you :) haha Im laughing now but youll probly laugh when I tell you im freezing in the middle of spring haha  Love you All 
Elder J Smith

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