Monday, October 7, 2013

Hey everybody hows it goin? this weekend was pretty good with conference and all but I watched it in conference and the translaters do a pretty bad job of passing the same spirit that we get in English haha saturday morning we woke up early to help an investigator and his family put concrete on his roof so im sore haha but it was lots of fun haha Ill send you guys a pic haha Dont get me wrong when I say this but I sure like getting dirty haha after we took a shower we headed off to conference I really enjoyed the talk that talked about looking up I felt a really good spirit though I dont remember much of what he said I remember that it touched my heart. haha and on sunday our zone had a combined baptism and 4 people were baptized. I was happy for the people but I sure wished that someone from my area would be baptized its been 4 months since I last baptized and Sometimes I wonder why I am teaching better than I taught and Im speaking better than I used to and Im in an area with lots more humble people and still in this area my feet are still dry but I think what i need is some more humility I guess now that I speak and teach better I rely less on the lord and I try to convince the people rather than let the spirit convert I guess Im trying to hard to make the seeds I plant grow haha but Im very glad to be here. my time here is passing by unnoticed its been 1 year and 6 months since ive been here and Im three-fourths of the way through.  Its crazy how time passes so im gonna have to get down and humble up and get to work so I can go home knowing I did all I could Im so excited to go back to our house and listen to conference Im thirsting for the spiritual gain haha oh by the way the mail service here is on strike wich explains why my letters havent gotten to you and why i havent gotten my letters from Deid :) haha and also means its probably gonna take a while for the package to get here who knows maybe I do get it on my birthday :) haha welll love you guys have a great week and study conference :) tchau

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