Monday, October 14, 2013


Hey everybody whats up? This week I got a hair cut haha now my hair uses less shampoo and doesnt even need gel haha this week was good but could be better. We had Interviews with the President this week he asked me why I wasnt baptizing anyone and we talked a while and it was really good President decided that I knew what I need to do, And all I have to do is Do it haha so Ive been working on this this week Im very happy with all the things of the gospel Im becoming more converted everyday But I need to keep pushing I watched the video about the life of the prophet and one thing that I saw was that he was always a Doer I learned that  22 years old he was called as bishop haha and I kept thinking how did he find time to visit 80 or so widows in his ward every month haha I was thinking that with 22 years I would eat sleep work study and repeat but I guess if the prophet could have time to be a bishop I should have plenty of time to serve in any other calling. But it sure showed that the prophet was always acting to help others and I really enjoyed the video makes me want to be a better me. so ya Im trying to become more humble and meek and Trying to become more spiritual and happier too haha Im kinda scared about transfers I really like where Im at and my Companion but its the Lords will and not mine. and Its a simple fact that while we struggle we grow more so we´ll see how it goes this week. i dont know if i sent this pic but heres Elder M. Ribeiro burning an old white shirt as his hump day ritual (Hump day is when you pass 1 year on the mission) haha Thanks for all the Love and support I hope you all have a good week
Elder J. Smith

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