Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey Everybody! This Week a Miracle happened!!!! We Had a Baptism that ended my long Drought haha Ywri, Which is pronounced Yury, was baptized. Ywri has been waiting for months for his mom to let him be baptized he is more active in the church than most members and Saturday we were finishing up lunch and our phone rings and its the bishop and the way my companion was talking and by the looks on his face I thought someone had Died and when he hung I asked him what had happpened and his Said Ywris Mom Is gonna let Ywri get Baptized haha and we jumped with Joy and right away we talked with Ywri and he was Baptized that very Night It was great to see a young man be so happy to be baptized In the true Church of Christ. Also I started The book of Mormon about 5 weeks ago and Im in Helaman :) and its been a great experience Ive been able to feel the spirit that comes from Reading it :) Today Im going to Visit Natalia :) IM really excited to see her and talk to her I consider Natalia the best Baptism of Which I have participated so I am excited to see my fellow Member and see how she is :) Ive grown alot on the mission and the growing never stops I cant believe that today I will renew my temple recommend making it 2 years since I got my temple recommend :) Time is passing to fast I thought that 2 years would never come and that at 1 year and 6 months Time would stop. Now when people ask me how long Ive been here I dont talk loud with pride like i used to but I almost whisper thinking about how the time has passed  so fast I almost went crazy seeing how much hippy has grown it was such a great surprise I cant even imagine the Joy I will have when I can give her and everyone in my family a Hug!!! Its gonna be great but until then Ive got a fight the fight and people to teach and Lots of lessons to learn. Thanks everybody for the support you give me have a great week.
Elder J. Smith

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