Monday, November 4, 2013


This was a good week. Week by week im getting better haha Ill probly only be a really good missionary when Im about to go home haha not because Ill be close to going home but because ive been here a while now and im still learning a ton... Ive decided that my biggest weakness is that i hesitate to act. when I see someone i think Ill talk to him and then I question myself and then before I know it.... its too late. but one day I was real happy with myself cuz I decided that instead of thinking ´´im gonna be annoying``  i decided to think ´´im just going to act`` and It was real good its funny to think that im more than 3 4ths of the way through my mission but im only starting to get used to and be comfortable talking to people right now... haha I was at the house of a member eating lunch and I didnt feel that strange feeling that I had always had eating lunch at anothers house. Im really starting to get a hang of this missionary thing. And Im so happy that i came to the mission. I have become a man that Ive always wanted to be for sure im not done growing yet Ive still got a long way to go but i feel a lot more confident in who I am and what I want. And being free from worldly cares Ive lost that want for money and  big things and lots of cars....  ok maybe I still want lots of cars haha but I know whats more important. Its a great joy to be living in a way that you feel clean and free from outside influences. heres a picture of our zone haha Sister Dana still here also haha did you know shes related to us she has the Jesse N Smith book too haha but ya Im happy And Im gonna try and just enjoy these last months because its becoming real obvious that its not gonna last forever. Love you all and have a good week 
P.S. I still dont miss the snow and cold hahaha Im actuallly enjoying the hotness haha Love you all, Elder J. Smith

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