Monday, November 25, 2013


Well Its been a rough week last week they started a party that lasted up till last night and they had an Electric  train wich I learned is a semi truck trailer of Speakers and they put a block away from our house haha so my poor companion who doesnt have a ´´sleep like a rock`` switch has been tired not too mention he had a tooth ache and the blackout that made us go home early. But Im here and Im healthy so why should I complain. Ive decided That I just wasnt made to baptize haha I try and try and I dont succeed but then again I guess Im looking at it all wrong I am only a messenger Its the spirit that is going to touch the peoples hearts and show them where to go.  But If anything Im being taught many things. I guess the Lord doesnt let me baptize alot because If he did I wouldn keep asking myself ´´´What Am I doing?`` and ´´How can I get better?`` cuz if i stop asking these questions Ill never get better than I am haha That may just be the key to it all Just getting better each day. Im thankful to be here  Ive stopped having the occasional nightmare of teaching People and now I have sweet dreams of finding people who are looking for the Truth. so something is getting better also looks like we have a new rule that Investigators under 15 years old have to go to church steadily for three months before being baptized It makes me happy to see that :) Shows that the Church really wants strong members. Also shows that the second coming is getting closer. but I guess everything shows that :) well I love you all and hope your days are filled with joy and happiness. Have a good week and we will talk next week.
Elder J. Smith

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