Monday, November 18, 2013

11-18-2013 Tyson writes a Hymn

 This week was good we met some great people and I was so excited for
them to go to Church. But when sunday came We were at church and
nothing... nobody came and I was kinda sad and I kept thinking about
how maybe I could have helped them to be there and about all my
weaknesses and I was kinda bummed. and I was taking the sacrament I
thought about what the sacrament meant to me and I decided I´d write a
hymn, so I took out my daily planner and I wrote this . I havent given
it a title and Im gonna have to give it music but I Wanted to share it
with you guys.

What a horrid man I am
Who sins repents and sins again
Perfect like Christ I could never be
My fathers kingdom never to see

Jesus Christ Paid the price for sin
So I can change who Ive been
If with him my sins I lay
I can become perfect one day

As I partake from this tray
I see not bread but a chance to change
and this water given In love
Is my chance to live above

This is my chance to change I know
So forward with faith and hope Ill go
And try my best to be more like thee
Until I find myself here again next week

I Wrote this and I tought it expressed my feelings well on the
atonement. I had and still have a difficulty in understand how the
atonement works. But one thing I do know is that I am not perfect and
that the atonement is my chance to become a better person and not face
the consequences of my past actions. I hope that I can become a better
person than I am now and I know that this is possible only through the
atonement. Thats why its so Important that we do whats right cuz the
atonement will not erase our desires and thoughts just erase our past
errors if we let him. Im thankful to be a part of the true church I
know its true and That it brings us happiness when we live it
correctly :) Love you all
Elder J. Smith

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