Monday, January 6, 2014

2014, Here we come!

 haha so anyway This week was Good We have a baptism marked for saturday I just need to talk to Bishop to make sure its a go and get his grandmas Autograph (signiture) Looks like you guys arent on yet but I am here pretty early. As our Hopefully not last Pday together were going to Recife to take some pics and have some fun :) so we had to get an early start I sure like talking to you guess but we want to have plenty of time to get to Recife and get back :) so Ya New Year is here and  Ive got some good goals for 2014 Its crazy to think only a 4th of 2014 will be on the Mission. Last Night we talked with Sergio, Hes such a great guy but the way he looks I would have been scared to talk to him but Hes a great person I just hope  that  he goes to Church next week cuz he didnt this week. This week we will baptize Gleison hes a good young man. Hes 15 and hes calm and Kinda Shy but Hes a Good Person. You have probly seen Pics of me with Jarcilene and Rafael on Facebook  Jarcilene is an investigator and Rafael Is a Less active member to baptize her we just need to Marry them... well Gleison is her Nephew so thats How we got to teaching him. so Anyways IM Just Loving it here Ive been learning and Growing alot I know Im not Perfect and Actually Im far from it but I find happiness In doing whats right. Im in John now In my new testament in 40 days challenge and I LOVE IT the way john writes Christs teachings and acts I seem to get a glance of the greatness of his character and the teachings of the Gospel and Its just Awesome to see and read. I love this gospel an Im glad Im where Im at I hope that in the end of my mission I have done all that I wanted to do. Well I love you all thanks for the love prayers and support it has helped alot :) 
 Elder J. Smith

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