Monday, January 13, 2014

A new chapter begins.

Well this week was  long or maybe just seems like that cuz alot of stuff happened. We went to recife and took a ton of pics and on the way back we got my package we had lots of fun with our guns haha and then it was work work work the rest of the week :) I was Very surprised to see That Elder Larsen got transferred. and Im not gonna lie I actually had one of my bags packed haha. But things change... haha I think the whole ward was shocked about the change. Yesterday was good Sergio went to church for the first time and He LOVED IT!!! I was happy to see that :) he said it was different than any other church hes visited, so.... Im gonna work hard to get him baptized this transfer... This sunday I had an interesting experience I was feeling kinda down after Lunch cuz I felt Like I didnt get done that week as much as I could have and I was thinking on what scripture I would use as a message and I remembered ether 12 that says that god gives us our weaknesses so we can be humble and if we humble ourslves to the Lord he will make the weak things strong and I think that this lesson was more for me than for the family because In this Light I saw this scripture in a whole other way that brought light and comfort into my soul :) Love you all have a great week I know the church is true ! 
Elder J. Smith
Elder Smith trying out a new way to spread the Gospel!

Elder Smith and Elder Larsen enjoying their late arriving Christmas Presents!

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