Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello Family and Friends!

Hey Family- (and All)

                Today we went to the Temple. J   I’m riding the bus back to the MTC. I had a very spiritual experience @ the temple.  And I’m very thankful that we are blessed to have the Church & Temples on the earth today. And I know that if you all will attend the Temple often, as I have for the last 4 weeks, that you’ll feel the love of our Father in Heaven, and you will feel Muito Feliz. (Very Happy). I’m thankful for all of you and I think about you every day. I know that if you pray often and read your scriptures, that you will be blessed beyond belief. I can’t wait to come home and see the great people that you can and will become by following the Church and keeping the commandments. If I have learned only one thing so far, it is that enduring to the end is the easy part. If you stay close to the Lord and family, and have faith, any obstacle is easily overcome. So if you miss me, go to the Lord. If you don’t miss me still go to the Lord. There is nothing in the world that can make you happier.  All is well here. It has its ups and downs. J  I don’t know how long it takes for mission ties to get to you.  Did you get my letter in email last p day?Tthis lds mail thing isn’t too great.  I wrote you all letters like 3 or 4 times and your just barely getting them weird.  Any way last night we had a little fun and we wrestled.  ha ha We pulled the mattress off the beds and lined our room floor it was fun i only wrestled Elder Macky and i won! I stacked him up. ha ha He is built like me but he has no technique- crazy thing is were the same height and width and within 5 lbs. ha ha Also meu companheiro e assistante presidente ha ha. (His companion is Asst. to the Mission President) . When he got called the branch president pulled us out of our district meeting and he thought we were in trouble and when he pulled us away from people my companion caught on and thought i was gonna be the dl and our dl would be AP ha ha His face was awesome when the branch Pres asked him to be ap. ha ha. The language is still out of my reach but i overheard a security guard talking to a 6 year old and i understood most of it ha ha I’m hoping the guy with my scripture case is done its leather I’ll try and get some pics of it and send i think I’ll use my picture upload at cheneys like my last pday which reminds me meu brasileros (not sure i spelled that right) but my brazillian roomates shipped out early this morning cuz they’re only here por 3 seminas (weeks) so we dont have Brazilians right now.  I wish i knew what was up with this mission ties thing cuz i sent a ton out hmmm.  It's fun at night cuz when we take showers we all sing together ha ha and the car majority is Volkswagens.  ha ha I seen more dodge trucks than Datsun’s and I’ve only seen 3... Maybe um I’m trying to think of stories to tell you guys and I’m sorry i can’t think about many. my typical day is i wake up at 630 and we get dressed we go down to breakfast which is always oat less porridge and grilled sandwiches after that we go to class and study, then our teacher shows up and teaches us a little bit of grammar, and then he acts like an investigator, then i go to lunch, and then back to another class, and then dinner at 4 and then we study until snack which is at 9 and we stopped going cuz they stopped givin us choco milk ha ha    Love, Elder Smith

PS: Jakes talk was Great! Loved it and all the pics!  I might send some of my poems ha ha. My companheiros think I’m a genius. Ha Ha…. Some Things never Change. :-)

Base Camp, This is BlackSmith-over and out--. Ha Ha (Mtc Joke)

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