Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Mothers Day Call :>(

Dear Dad, Sounds like a ton of fun. I’m kinda jealous of your projector- I always wanted one & all the work your doing- Since I’ve got here the only thing I fixed was my companheiros speaker and that wasn’t that great. I’ve been wanting to build something for awhile. It’s kinda crazy to hear what people say about me, but I’m sure they said the same about you when you left. Lately I’ve longed for my future though I know I need to enjoy my present. Tomorrow my p-day is cut short. L, but it’s for a fireside. I hear one of the area seventies is coming, but when it cuts your p-day an hour and half shorter it’s a little disappointing, but I’m sure it’s worth it. Things here are good, but Portuguese is ROUGH. I’m gaining quick but I can’t even read some of the words you have mailed me. This week our Professor told us that he is only here to teach us to teach, not to teach us Portuguese! Rough Right? But I can almost carry a conversation now, but I’m a greengo (sp) Anyway I’m working hard to keep the spirit with me to help me learn and teach. I will try to take some pictures to send you, and think of some stories, but things move so fast I just cram useful things and retain it, so stories slip my mind though I can say that I’ve seen over 100 of the volkwagon vans that are very prominent aqui (here).

Love Elder Smith

Dear Mom, I Love you and Dad so much. I started to choke up reading these letters and hearing how fast things are moving. And you know me, I never cry J. EVER… But I feel that will change. I’m glad to hear all the great things going on, and it’s weird to think people think that highly of me. J I love Deidra’s parents, they’re so great & very nice people like you said. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! You will not get a call. Sorry but Elder McLaws Mom was right. My list of demands is this: a copy of the picture of the red truck by grandmas door or similar if possible. I just wanna show people my interest in carsJ. I know it’s probably selfish J , a picture of my white truck would be nice, preferably the one on facebook with my nice tires on it. I really miss my guitar & can see my callouses going away. It’s so crazy to be here. Every night I dream of home and I wake up & I’m here. It feels like a dream. Even though I’ve been here for 3 weeks, I’ve just started dreaming of speaking Portuguese.  I Love You, and I'm glad you raised me:) . I would write you a song, but... no guitar. :) I think I wanna try and learn the chords on Piano and play some songs that way, but that would just be for fun. Anyway, We regret to inform you that your son will not be calling on Mother's Day, during his stay at the MTC. :( Don't cry, it's just the rules. Just remember I Love You. Anyway, there is more which I can write but it sufficeth me to say I Love You.:) ha ha.
Happy Mothers Day- Elder Smith

For Everyone, Thanks for the letters, & I love my great big family & all my cousins & my many gifts from the Lord! :) Love Elder Smith

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