Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 2. Short and sweet.

thats crazy!!! im glad the world is moving without me it almost sounds better! you and sam might be in better shape than me. ha ha im about 10 pounds heavier but im up at 75 pushups a night! my roomate elder mackay is built almost exactly like me. ha ha were within a pound of each other and within an inch. hes my pushup buddy. :)  hope i can get pics to you sometime. their more strict today than usual. i aint got the package yet because i left my certificate in the room. my box number is 21 district 16c. i drew a pic on my desk of my district it was pretty good. i wanted to attach it but ya...... i bought a new quad today in english. ha ha the scrpture quad is the only quad i can have. ha ha it was 70 ai but thats only like 35 dollars so im excited. we go to the temple every p day its great very pretty! i keep watching the timer drop down its kinda a bummer. im picking up the language quickly but not quickly we taught in portuegues one day and i could barely understand the questions they asked me (if i even understood them at all) in i always said desculpe, eu nao falo portueguese muito bem. ha ha so you can translate that. i love letters and almost dread emails hard letters dont have timers. :) sent it yesterday through irma(sister) menezez shes my teacher and shes kinda a hippi ha ha :) ill try to email you later...... maybe get some pics so love you :) elder smith :)

Elder Smith seems to have a pretty short time to write and read his emails. He did send a couple of pictures along with his short note this week, so I will put them on here as well.

This is a little drawing that Ty did thast shows the Elders in his District... Your guess is as good as mine

This is a picture that shows the view out of his room at the CTM. He is on the 6th floor. Looks like the sunsets are beautiful there.

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