Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Short Notes, and Chicken Hearts

Hows it going today we have a fireside so my pday is cut short.... today was good we had a really good session at the temple. sorry i dad i could see the walmart but i am not allowed to go over there today was fun we ate out at a brazillian barbeque it was pretty good but i decided it would have been better with some a1 sauce i ate chicken hearts ha ha it was pretty good but it seems that braziallians like there food salty so i think it would have been better with barbeque sauce. The humidity doesn't bother me anymore and hasn't bothered me for over a week but I'm started to miss the small things like fixing things making them better and the stars..... you have a city that reaches beyond the eye can see from the 6th floor then you don't get many stars... i can count them on one hand... in portuguese. portuguese what a crazy word that inflicts such fear and such hope in missionaries ha ha the language is coming but i feel like i am in no way ready for the field but that's why i am here for six more weeks its crazy to think I've only been gone for 3 weeks it feels like forever but then again it went by SO fast so time is a crazy thing here at the ctm. I'm sorry i don't have much to offer the blog i promise ill try and take more pics but life here at the ctm is pretty crazy i wake up at 630 normally we get ready quickly and hit breakfast at 7 we then have study time and morning class til lunch at 12 and.... sorry its 340 and i have that fireside at 345 i think so i need to wrap it up...quick anyway love you guys sorry for the short scattered topic and unfinished story and i love you mom i wont be able to call for mothers day i wrote you some other letters so bye     :( or caio

We were quite sad to see we would not get to talk to Tyson on Mothers Day. As always, please feel free to share any of your letters from Tyson. What you see above is what we received from him... A Man of few words like his Dad I guess....

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