Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Loving Life!

Well its good here and starting to get cold.... ish. ha ha I'm loving it here and having alot of fun. As for the pic i'll see if i can get it sent. I'm scared to use my cheney upload in case i take more pics. By the way,  i am glad I'm here. I wrote a story in my missionties letter. I'm kinda bummed to know i probably wont get a letter from deid this week. ha ha But that's ok. I'm glad to hear that things are moving on. Its weird to think its summer cuz the days are getting really short. Here at the ctm this week my Portuguese has got a ton better. I'm understanding more but i still cant speak well. But i managed to explain to my Argentinian the story about me riding Chris's bike. ha ha He called me muito loco. ha ha I'm sure you can guess that one. I have an Argentinian and a Brazilian in my room. Its great. I put a long story in my mission tie letter to deid. I was gonna send it to you but it was long. I'll try and type it out. The other night we were talking as roommates bout the spirit and Elder Mackay has some pretty crazy stories, and i was kinda feeling inadequate to my call, which i am, but i was wondering why i couldn't have some miraculous stories like that. And i was thinking long and hard about myself and my relationship with the spirit, and i remembered a time back home when we took the sacrament to sister holt and she was asleep so we left but i had a strong impression to go back but i was only 16 i think and i wasn't the driver so i didnt say anything. So i will never know what would have happened and it made me sad and i was trying to explain to elder mackay why i felt the way i did. And me and him were walking alone at this point and i don't know, but i told him that i wanted an experience like Saul had on the road to Damascus to build my faith. And i felt the spirit so strong that my vision kinda blurred. I don't know how to explain how i felt. But Elder Mackay just told me that he admired me for my faith, and said that he probably just needed a stronger witness to soften his heart. I hope as you read this letter that you feel the spirit cuz otherwise i feel i'll just sound silly or it wont make sense love ya
Elder Smith

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