Monday, April 1, 2013

Short letter week :-(

HEY  Everybody! This week has been pretty good ha ha and im still in my first  area ha  ha (Elder Tyson has now been out for one year and is still in his first area! ) This week was another week of work ha ha thanks for the package I just about  cried when i saw the wrench ha ha I  was really happy to  see it its just perfect its somethin that shows exactly who i am but i can still use it as a missionay hahaha so this week we had one day that was just HORRIBLE  we starting by  studying and we left house early to knock doors because we marked lunch  for 1 o clock and knocking doors at lunch doesnt work too  good ha ha and when we went to lunch it wanst ready and so we watied but at 2 30 it still wasnt done and we had to leave to do an interview  and  so we went and went we got back it was like 5 and we finally ate lunch and we taught one lesson ha ha so ya the day wasnt so good but we had lots of laughs but ya my times  up sorry  love you all Tchau
Elder J. Smith

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