Monday, April 29, 2013

Maybe his last week in Madelena? Transfers are on Sunday night...

Hey Hey Hey its PDAY ha ha Today its raining and im not to happy about it but it will be like this for the next 3 months haha this week was good haha i thought i would have a good story for you guys because one of our investigators wanted to mark a meeting for us with his preacher ha ha and so we marked a date and everything ha ha so i decided to fast so I would have the spirit and that I wouldnt try to Bible Bash ha ha and when the day came we went to his house knocked on the door and.........  his mom came to the door and told us that he was sleeping haha so i took that as an answer to my prayer ha ha the week past and we have continued to work with our investigators and yesterday we went to talk with a contact that we had made and a guy came to the door and explained that she wasnt there and so we told him who we are and he started to tell us that Joseph Smith wasnt a Prophet because Peter James and John couldnt be Angels and the battle started haha I noticed my companion getting nervous and a little mad haha and we kept telling him what we beleive and showing scriptures in the bible and he would show why we were wrong in the bible and after a while I asked him his name and he replied and I told him it was a pleasure to meet him and I bore my testimony and my companion bore his and we left haha While we were walking I told my companion that I had been Edified ha ha and he asked me How i had been edified by our bible bash and I told him that it strengthened my testimony that our church is the only true church and that we had the fulness of the truth and that we understand gods plan better than any other church ha ha This week was actually kind of fun haha but it passed by fast. I believe that the more time i have here the faster it goes by ha ha i included last weeks baptism ha ha my time is passing but i feel like this letter was better :) LOVE YOU ALLL TCHAU! 
Elder J Smith

Here is a picture Ty drew. This is in reference to Elder Ballards conference talk. Catch the Wave!

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Elder Ty with a school uniform he got ahold of.

Ty and his Companion eating burritos that taste nothing like burritos. Ty says they dislike spicy food.

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