Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey Everybody!
Hows the week been? Mine was pretty good we managed to baptize a Daughter of a less active member and we had an activity with the ward It was fun and I ate alot of cake We had more nonmembers than members in the activity so it was good. This week....    Man The more time passes the faster it passes and the Less that I remember of the week. Weve been finding lots of new people to teach and I hope that we can continue to find more. man I think the more letters i write the shorter they get and they weren't very long to start with ha ha. But i have a lot of hope for this next Transfer and a New Area. If i dont get transfered I dont know what i will do ha ha Ill go crazy!!! man. Im really sorry that My letter Is short and doesnt have a lot of Information but Im about out of time and i need to be obedient. I Love you guys and I know the Church is True and That Im where I need to be sorry Im not a good letter writer but Ill send a missionties too. I think I dont write much about the work cuz It seems normal to me now Love you All have a good week! 
Elder J. Smith

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