Monday, April 15, 2013

I year down, 1 to go!

Hey Everyone! Im back! Hows It goin! This week wasnt Amazing. but I have nothing to complain about. Were still having problems finding people to baptize and we didnt have anybody at church. But we are trying to mark A baptism for 27 of abril. We took Natalia to a lesson the other day and she amazed me! she talked about her conversion and her baptism and she showed me that she REALLY understood the church she looked like a a member of 5 years ha ha I told her she managed to learn something that took me 18 years to Learn in a couple of months.  I have just been amazed at how ive grown in these years (Ooops I Meant months ha ha but feels like years)  I dont really fear my future in any way and I am excited to live the gospel the Peace ive found on the mission is amazing!!!! I think Im learning more about myself than I ever could have Learned at home. Yesterday I remembered something Casey always told us at wrestling practice. He used to tell us You need to practice and learn there isnt a pill that i give you so that you can learn how to use these moves, If it existed Id give it too you... But it dont so you need to practice and practice again... I Think this is soo true ha ha I look at my new companion and at the way he speaks and acts and i think to myself...  You dont know nothing yet.... Ha ha not in a bad way but the things that he says he knows are true but It takes on a whole new meaning after living it well time is up Love you all and Have a good week and ill see you in 1 YEAR!!!!! 
Elder J. Smith

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