Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey EveryBody This week has been another week in the paradise of Recife! Ha ha we had a new american arrive here and I soon learned i dont like to speak English ha ha Same thing with A nice lady that i met in the temple she is returning back to the states soon and she spoke in English and I spoke in portuegues ha ha. This week Ive been working hard trying to find people to teach which is getting harder and more discouraging the more i stay in this area ive about knocked every door and so its a struggle to try and find new people. Sorry That my letters are short I just dont know what to say im pretty happy here and for all ive been given I thought alot about home this conference. its hard not to when i always watched it with you guys and they talk so much about family. But I was strengthened but the talks :) Im really happy but its hard to believe one year has passed ha ha. Moises Liked His plaque alot he took a pic said he would send it too you and Natalia really liked hers to looks like my letter is short again Ill have to stop cuz my time is up I love you guys alot Ill send you a missionties :) Tchau

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