Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Thinker 7-1-13

HEY EVERYBODY!!!! What a week!!!! Im still runnning in a rut but Im more excited! This week we made history in the mission. Every since I got here we have been fighting to have 200 baptisms in the month and this week we did It! Our mission has become alot better than it was when I got here and we are growing in strength. Im sad to say that I didnt help much in this number but im still proud haha ill have to send some pics of my shoes haha the pair that dad chose is getting thin but the ones that i chose are falling apart by Chunks haha but they did make it a long way. you may have noticed my account is lacking about 50 bucks its cuz i bought new shoes i tried to get shoes that remind me of my boots haha I didnt have dad here to help me out so I hope I chose wisely haha This week we knocked alot of doors with little results and still nobody went to church but Ill get through this. one day we knocked on a door and two children came to greet us and we asked if there parents were home and they said that they werent so we marked a day to come back and when we were going to the house I was expecting the Parents to reject our message and when we got there It was just after the soccer game between Brazil and Uraguay and There was a drunk that answered the door and he told us that he knew the church and invited us in haha he was pretty drunk as he explained that he didnt drink very much, but that he was drinking because he was watchin the game haha... He told us about his family problems and I left a message with him about how god blesses the People who Obey his commandments and he told us that he doesnt drink much again and help up his cup and said this isnt whiskey its... its... vodka with..... LEMON!!!!!! and Said Ill go get the Lemon and came back with a sprite open and half gone and poured us some cups haha so my companion is worried like me and smells the cup I smell the cup but I dont smell anything differently. but I dont want to drink it and I watched my companion and he too did not drink the drink so we talked a bit more and I told the man that we need to Leave but that I wanted to Hug him and My companion looked at me like Im crazy haha and so I gave him a hug and threw the drink that he gave me through the window that was open haha my companion caught on and said I want one too and told me too hold his cup and while they hugged I threw The other drink threw the window haha It was pretty funny haha. Just another experience that I gained here on the mission haha. This week Im hoping Ill relax somemore and just do my best Its kinda hard to relax when Im trying to do everything that the Zone Leaders want but Ill get there one day. Thanks for alll you guys do and have a safe week up on the mountain and next year Ill be there too :)
Tchau, elder J. Smith
Someone's put some miles on!

This pair is done for I think!
Tyson added some extra "Sole" to his new shoes. HaHa

Tysons New shoes that he bought.

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