Monday, July 29, 2013

On the Road again!

Hey everybodY!!! NOBODY WENT TOO CHURCH SUNDAY! :( we tried our hardest and nothhing but hey Ive got some news I was transferred so Ive got new problems too look into haha  I will be moving to a place called Ponte dos cavalhos. This week we found a second scorpion in our house and my companion went a little crazy haha. I also managed to break my watch bands on the watch I bought so with a little bit of Tyson tweaks I got something figured out haha. Sunday I heard a story in church that I like alot. You see there was one day an argument in the carpenters shop all the tools were arguing and decided that they would split up The tools talked about the hammer first complaining that he made alot of noise and sometimes put dents in the wood but in his defense the hammer pointed out the screw said that he took along time to get the job done and that he just kept going in circles. the screw said in his defense that the sand paper was rough on everybody and sandpaper got mad and said that the ruler was the worst cuz he judged everyone by his own standards. and while they were arguing the carpenter entered in... The carpenter took all the tools and made a beautiful chair and when he finished he left the workshop when he had locked the doors the tools started to talk again but this time they didnt complain they started with the hammer this time recognizing the strengths seeing that the hammer was strong and that he always got the job done the screw brought things together and held them tight the sand paper was rough but he always helped polich things up and the ruler always was exact in the measurements that he gave.. We are all like these tools we all have our weaknesses but when we are used and united in the mighty work of the Master we all do our part in doing a marvelous work. I liked this story (maybe because its about tools) but I decided to share it with you. so Ya Looks like your all doing well there and I thought you wouldnt have a cow with me here on the mission but thats cool. I love you guys looks like your not on with me but I Love you all Tchau!!!!

Ty packing up with a favorite picture of his! :^)   

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