Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey Everybody sadly another week has past with nobody at church we tried hard we Called some people went even to ones house but still nothin new.. But Im feeling my faith growing maybe not faith that somebody will go to church but more faith overrall in the Lord. Im trusting more in him that he knows what hes doing. I know the Lord is Helping me maybe hes not putting the people i need to teach in the doors that I knock but Hes teaching me and Awarding me with the spirit of Humility. Im not lost in a dark unhappiness but its a little rough. Haha this week my companion got a blister and so we put moleskin on it and my companion had a brilliant Idea of making a moustache out of the moleskin and then I had the great idea of using shoe polish to color the Hair haha heres a pic of the results. other than this not much is new. This week flew by.. I dont really remember much of what I done I know I knocked plenty of doors haha But I know the Church is true and that Theres more to life than just this time on earth. And for this I owe it to the Lord to try and help these other peoples in this area. Love you all have a good week and I hope my letter is better next week.
Elder J. Smith

Elder Smith and Elder Rios trying out their "Moleskin Mustaches". Ha Ha 

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