Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deep Thinker 7-10-13

Hey everybody this week was a decent week we met some new people to teach and so thats a little less time knocking doors haha were stillhaving problems with getting people to church but well get through it.Today were goin to the temple and that makes me real happy I really love the temple and its been like 4 or 5 months since ive gone haha Im happy here and our mission is turning into the mission that I always wanted it to be. :) I had a not so profound profound thought the other day while i was laid out in my hammock going to sleep. I was thinking about how another day had past like a blink of an eye and thought about Life how its separated by many days and I startd to think about the purpose of Life and How we could be happy. My conclusion was this. we will all be immortal we have always existed and we will always exist so we will always have three things A yesterday, A today, and A tomorrow. so the Key to an Eternity of happiness is to live in a way so that you always have A yesterday full of good memories, a today that you live to enjoy, and a tomorrow that is full of Hopes. I also decided that the time we have on this Earth is the perfect way to Learn and to measure growth. every day is a new situation always changing we never have two days exctly the same and we can according to days, weeks, months and years measure our growth This thought goes a little deeper but im out of time! I spent it all talking to you guys haha :) Love you All and have a good week :)

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