Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey Everybody Sadly I have to report that its been another Empty sunday.... This week we had Our interviews with the Mission President and I was kinda worried that he would burn me because of the Low numbers we are having and we did talk about the numbers but My President Is a Man of God he asked me How I was And I explained My concerns But he told me That I needed to trust in myself more and that he knew That I am a good person he told me I need to have more faith and told me that He knew I could achieve what I needed too. and I Left that meeting stronger and ready to work and so we worked on that day and then friday and then saturday and sunday and nobody went to Church and my companion was pretty tired of working and and discouraged cuz noone went to Church and that night I dragged him around pretty much to knock some doors before we went home, and Today I got a call from my Zone Leaders. and they asked me in a serious way what were doing wrong and I got pretty mad.... I know there trying to help and Everything but I finally start to put my heart into it to believe that something will change and they call me to tell me Im doing it wrong.... I guess I just need to breath and relax. Just another test of patience I guess. Its strange to think that The mission is the oppostie of what I thought I thought I would miss my family alot and have alot of hard times in the Beginning of the mission but Instead the Difficulties just get bigger and harder everyday it seems but I keep growing too so thanks for all the support I love you guys and Im learning a ton!!! Heres a Pic of our zone at the temple for you guys.
Tchau, Elder J. Smith

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