Monday, September 9, 2013


hey hey hey we had a little change today.. TRANSFERS my new companion is Elder M. Ribeiro He seems pretty cool but hey Ive known him for about 4 hours now so who knows haha but Im excited for the change this week was cool we taught a lesson with President Lanius which was really cool I really liked the way that he talked about the Gospel because he wasnt to worried about what the investigator would think he Just taught what came natural to him (even if it meant talking about the stars and Universe to demonstrate the size of the things around us and the higher meaning of life) haha I liked the way he taught cuz it wasnt just information but what President really thinks and feels. He always talked about his testimony and how he simply Knows that this is true Just to give you an Idea he was married 21 years with Sister Lanius before being baptized anyways it was really neat I have a lot of love and respect for my mission President I see that he thinks the way that I think :) and he teaches like i like to teach It was really cool. Also by luck I got the chance to meet Fabio and Luancla  (members of the Madalena ward) at a Baptism that I went too and I got to talk with them about Madalena and Natalia and Tiago and it sure made my day to hear about My Ward (and it is mine) haha Other than all this Im just excited for this week I hope It goes well and that you guys have a good week I love you all :)

Elder Tyson and his Group outside the Recife Temple.

Tyson and His "Son", and his "Grandson"

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