Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey hey hey Im out of rhyming endings today... haha This week was good I was happy to see the pics of abis baptism and Im glad it all went well this week we had Zone conference and the President talked to us about conversion of the missionarys and I really enjoyed his talk me and my comp are just chugging along we have two young woman that we are trying to baptize they are two friends and they really liked the church. Me and Elder M. Ribeiro are good friends I dont think Ive ever been so open with any of my comps haha I like him alot were already heading into the third week but Im hoping that this transfer doesnt go to fast! Jake asked me today how I came to know the church was true so I explained it out to him and used quite a bit of Time so ill put it in I figure youll enjoy it       ´´ I have always wanted to see an angel ever since i was 8 and when I got to the mission I tried quite a bit to force a spiritual manifestation. you and me both know that that dont work to well... haha but every day of study trying to clear up my doubts I gained a bit of knowledge and the Holy ghost helps me every time I study Its hard to explain how it happens its that feeling that you get when your reading something true and it just clicks and you think wow its true haha to be honest my answer to if the book of mormon was true in my prayers never gave me a certainty I prayed with 8 waiting an angel and nothing I prayed with 12 and nothing prayed with 14 and 16 and still nothing but One day I was praying (still waiting on my angel) and after saying amen and not seeing an angel I began to think is it really true and I started to think about the book of mormon and how it had helped me in my life and I remembered the feeling I always had when I prayed to know of the truth and It was a feeling from my heart to my brain saying ``you already know its true why are you asking´´ haha and though that answer did give me what i wanted it gave me enough to follow... My experience matches up good with Alma 32 when he talks about the seed of faith. and still Ive never seen an angel or heard a voice or had a dream but I know its true and you will too just follow the scriptures and read PMG and obey your mission rules and youll get there the most precious truth that Ive learned on the mission is that the works and mysterys of God arent as Misterious as we think they are Love you Bro I hope I got your question answered you probly arent too satisfied  by my answer but Little by little youll make it to where you say without a doubt I know this is true. Love ya man have a good week work hard and dont give up on the work :) Its hard and stressful but Its a good hurt haha´´        Other than this Im really happy to be here I think today is the first Day in a long time that Im not missing home I dont let it get in the way of the work but its always pulling at my thoughts but Today I watched the best two years and I enjoyed the film alot It got me thinking about my mission and how looking at the situation of the Elders from Outside I was happy and patient but then I saw things that happen in my mission that didnt make me laugh like the movie did and It made me think that I should relax more and enjoy my mission haha but ya we just had a blackout and the pwer is back so Ill send my big letter in case it goes out again. Tchau I love you all 
Elder J. SMith

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