Monday, September 16, 2013

hey hey hey If your reading this I hope your doing Okay! I think Im running out of rhymes haha This week was pretty good my new companion is from Minas Geras (I think thats how you spell it) haha Hes really cool and really chill I feel like I can be me around him hes really a great guy! This week we walked alot and taught some crazy people but weve also found some good people we found a good family we read a story from the book of mormon in the second lesson and the man of the house not only read and understood but he even applied it to these last days so I hope we can help them :) the only problem is that we have to wait until next sunday to teach them. and also we had a teenage girl in the church yesterday and she really Liked the church the members here recieved her really good and invited her to all kinds of activitys so It was really good we need to workmore with her and her family so they can be bless like my family has been blessed this week we got a call from a member informing us that he couldnt give lunch to us so we made a soup that had more potatos and pasta than broth haha but it was good and thats whats in the pic haha my companion also likes cars haha so that pretty much put him on my good side haha but he is a great guy really loving Im real excited to work with him we made some plans to do some activities so Im hoping well get that set out good haha other than this life goes on :) while I was studying this week I decided I needed to have a stronger testimony of the Atonement (which Imstill working on) but It was neat to see how the spirit opens my understanding as I study As I was studying something that I had akready studied a million times and the spirit talks to my spirit and makes it make sense and become more real to me I love you all and Deid haha and this Gospel There is nothing better for us than the Gospel and I know thats True. Tchau Have a great week Ill talk to you on Monday 

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