Monday, September 30, 2013


Hey everyone This week has passed way too fast but hey thats what happens when you like your companion This week Is conference and Im Just PSYCHED haha I love conference I was studying about conversion this week or the week before it and I remebered of a conference talk I think from october that Elder Bednar gave and I was able to go back and listenb to his talk cuz I had dwnloaded it so I was happy to have downloaded it and the Talk about the Tomato plants Ive practically got memorized haha I really enjoyed that talk It lines right up with what we learn in the Temple and It helps open my eyes nd my mind to the concept of Eternity wich I still think is impossible to comprehend haha got my shoes resoled  this week I spent R$30 ($15) and got some new shoes haha heres  picture of my approval . haha Its been about 2 and a half transfers since I last baptized someone And Im not to happy about that especially cuz Elder Quinteros filled me with high expectations saying they had baptized 15 people in a short period of time but thats ok One of these 15 is Luis and Luis like various other of these 15 became inactive I only saw him in the church 1 time when I got here when Elder M. Ribeiro got here I decided That I wanted to work with Luis being a man with about 28 years old (already something thats needed in the church) and an aaronic priesthood holder. And I was happy to see him back at church last week and this sunday we didnt have anyone who went to church and I was kinda bummed cuz I didnt see Luis but about 10 minutes after starting Luis showed up :) I was so happy I sure Hope I can help him and get him a friend :) Thats awesome to hear about Joann I bet Bryan and Jake were happy to see that baptism :) Its gonna be a great blessing in her family :) I think this next week Ill be knocking lots of doors and talking to lots of people cuz the people were teaching are pretty soft haha as in not firm in their decisions. haha so I need to meet lots of new people!!!! other than this Im doing good :) Im happy to be here Im starting to relax a bit and enjoy my time here haha so ya transfer is getting here quickly and for once Im not wishing for a change haha well have a good week everyone I love you all Tchau!
Elder J. Smith

Elder Tyson and his re-soled shoes.

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