Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Companion, Same Area

Hey Everybody I Know Im late this week but Im here with good News bad news also I guess... Today Ill be going to the temple what a great Birthday Present I love the temple the Bad news Is my good friend Elder M. Ribeiro got transferred Heres a pic of the Pizza Night before transfers.. I thought it would be me to go away but Ended up Being my comp. But I was happy with the Companion I got Looks Like the President Is trusting me cuz hes new and his first comp was a slacker so he put Him with me I hope I can help him Learn lots of stuff, I wanna return the favor that Stadnicki and Celestino did for me I was in about the same situation that hes in. I always wondered If presidente would trust me as much as he trusted Elder Celestino and Stadnicki to retrain me haha. So Im excited for this transfer Im gonna work alot!!! haha I started my Goal to get fit again the Goal is 100 dips 100 situps and 100 pushups everyday haha first day i got 55 pushups 100 situps and 25 dips yesterday I did 100 dips 100 crunches and 25 pushups haha so Im a little sore haha but when I get home Ill have a VERY WHITE beach body haha thats IF i continue with my goal haha. so Ya Im super excited this week I had a nice experience.sunday we were expecting 3 people to go to church and I prayed with alot of Faith that morning that The Lord would help the people who would follow him go to Church and I believed with all my heart that he would do this.....    And Nobody out of these three went to church..... But A man and His less active wife went to Church I never had met him before and he seemed like a great guy and as I talked to him I knew that The lord had Answered my prayer. We still havent had a chance to teach him but tomorrow we will visit him so Im excited. One Thing I learned with Elder Ribeiro Is that I have little Faith Elder Ribeiro has the Gift of faith when something happened something simple he always said what A miracle! and I was always the first to doubt haha but I know that sometimes the lord helpe me and I dont even recognize his had in the work I know this is the true Church I know that The Lord is helping us in our callings Thanks for all the love and support and Prayers I love you all and Hope you have a good week 
Elder J.Smith

Elder Smith and his new Companion Elder Larsen from Utah

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