Monday, December 16, 2013


Well Its been Another Really Hot week here in Recife but Its been a great week. This week we had Zone Conference and It was Great!!! It was really fun and we heard some great talks! Also this week me and my comp worked HARD! It was great Sunday night after saying a Prayer I stayed kneeled  and put my chest on the chair and stayed there for about 10 minutes haha it was way comfortable!  haha but when your that tired anything is haha Im back sleeping in the Hammock Its just Too hot to sleep on the bed haha sleepin in the hammock without anything covering me and the fan on full blast I still get a little hot haha so  I dont need the extra Insulation from the matress. This week was a good week Im glad IM here with Elder Larsen theres something about him that just makes me work!!! One day I talked to alot of people and he didnt talk to anyone but I Talked with all the people cuz Of Elder Larsen I dont know why I guess he just wants too work!!! So this christmas season I think me and Larsen are gonna work haha Its gonna be great!! At Zone conference our President sang a Hymn in latin that was cool. But there was a part at the end of the conference where President and Sister Lanius stopped got  close and told us how much they loved us and cared about us. I really felt their Love and I Know that they care about me. My President Is strict... sometimes he seems heartless... He Requires 100 percent obedience... My President Is the BEST! I love my President and I know he loves me. These weeks we have been working with the Bishop Here and Im having all kinds of great experiences. Im learning lots about how the ward works and what it takes to keep it in good shape. Im learning about how to work with the Bishop. One thing I saw Is that Bishop does alot more than he needs too one saturday I helped him set up chairs in the church and I decided that I never want to be a burden for my Bishop that I want to make his life easier. The Mission Is great Im learning lots of things Its crazy now  people are starting to  say ´´1 year and 8 months your getting close to going home`` and I dont know whether Im happy with that or sad. Being honest Im happy :) but something always says Dang..... Its going by fast.....  but ya I know the church is True I Know this is the Work  of God I know  that this Church and the principles It teaches will always bring Our Happiness. to finish up Ill end with a Quote from my mission President thats written on the Back of my Nametag ´´This Is our challenge and Duty ,but, also with all certainty this is our great Joy``
Love you all hope you have a great week sorry I dont got pics to send I ll try and take more. ill send you these ones so you cant say I dont send you nothing Ones a pic of A lizard that came into our house it was funny to see him trying to get a grip on our tile floor haha 
Love, Elder J. Smith
The Elders had a visitor!

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