Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hey family thanks for the Letters I really enjoyed them! My birthday went by well sadly my Investigators didnt go to church..... But We worked on my birthday :) so I was happy haha Its not everybirthday you can be a missionary haha so now Im 21 do you know what I can do when Im 21?.... NOT DRINKING!!!! thats for sure haha now I can buy guns haha. but ya 1 year older and 3 years wiser haha I love the growth that we get on the mission. I dont like the stress that causes it but If it makes me better It should be a good Thing haha. Ill never regret my choice to serve a mission and recomend it to all young men. Ive grown soo much and Ive become so much better My mind was opened to more possibilites and too all kinds of truth. This week Was good I like Elder Larsen hes great!! Its funny to see how someone thats 24 seems younger than you haha but hes great and hes ready to work If he spoke Portuegues a little more he could train me. Haha Im glad President put me with A ´´younger´´ Missionary cuz it helps me focus more I really like working with Larsen. Hes great I thought that after Ribeiro went away it would be rough getting another comp but I got another good one so Im Happy. This week we talked with the bishop he helped us a lot and help us make a plan to Baptize on December 22 so were gonna have to be running faster than Santas Elves to get this work done! Here in Brazil Christmas isnt to big but its still a big holiday so ya I hope by Christmas Ill be able to find someone who has skype and some good internet!!!! im not gonna lie this call is gonna be a trunky one haha. I love this Work and This Church and now when I study and work I try and learn not how to be a great missionary that will baptize millions but to be a great Member of the Church that will help Edify Gods Kingdom.. I love you all hope you have a great week by the way heres a picture of me Putting the star on the tree haha. 
Elder J. Smith
Elder Smith and his Zone at the Temple.
Elder Smith putting the Star on The Christmas tree.

Tyson showing us that it is starting to feel just a little like Christmas! 

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