Monday, December 30, 2013


Well this week BLEW BY! but I guess thats what happens when Between Emails I get to skype with you Guys between Emails. As for the call I didnt get in Trouble But ya Things are moving quick! in a few days Ill enter into the 3 more months club. thats CRAZY this transfer is going by really fast but its really good. Me and Elder Larsen got the most lessons taught this week I guess though we didnt even teach that much. But things are just going good Its like my senior year in High school! Its been great this transfer me and my comp have had a ton of great and precious experiences that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. Yesterday we talked with Bishop and It was great he talked a bit about his mission and I marveled at how much harder it was Transfers were basically just a paper you got with an address and you had to go and you didnt have contact with the mission and Pretty much the missions back in the day Required that you be a man. but I guess nowadays the only thing thats gonna make you be a man Is yourself! Thats probly my Goal for 2014 Is to live in a way that I can become a man become fearless in proclaim the gospel. I want to become what the lord  wants me too be. heres my excited christmas picture and also a Picture of my zone. for 2014 I need to take more pictures and write more in my journal Elder Larsen is a good journal writer hes already finished at least two journals and I aint even finished the one I started haha but I Can Always change and do better. But ya Thanks for all your guys love and support I hope you all have a Great new year and that we all can follow the voice of Papa in becoming better this next year than we were this year. Its crazy to think that This year was all on the mission. but  I love you all have a great week! 
Elder Smith

Santa Clause came!!!

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